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What is a Lip Lift?

Some patients have a naturally longer upper lip area. For others, age can cause the upper lift to stretch, which causes the red part of the lip to curve or roll inward. The lip can look thinner and partially cover the upper teeth, which adds to the aging effect. A lip lift resolves these issues, leaving the upper lip in proportion, and attractively shaping and positioning the upper lip.

A lip lift is a short surgical procedure that lifts the upper lip slightly so that it is closer to the nose. The lip is enhanced into more of a cupid’s bow shape, and a more balanced and symmetrical appearance is achieved. This procedure includes incisions made into the lip area in order to shorten the skin above the upper lip and provide an attractive enhancement.

What Can a
Lip Lift Treat?

  • A Drooping Upper Lip
  • Your Upper Teeth Don’t Show When You Smile
  • You Have a Thin Upper Lip  
  • The Distance Between Your Nose and Upper Lip is Long
  • Fillers Don’t Work Well for You

Am I a Candidate for a Lip Lift?

Ideal candidates for a lip lift in Scottsdale are those who would like to beautify and enhance their smile, and meet the following requirements:

  • Are Generally in Good Health
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Have a Longer Distance Between your Nose and Upper Lip 
  • Are Tired of Using Repeated Filler Treatments to Get Your Results
  • Would Like a Permanent, Beautiful Alternative to Fillers


What Will My Lip Lift Procedure Involve?

The first step of your procedure is a thorough consultation with Dr. Admire. He will examine your lips and skin and talk with you about your lip lift. 

When you’re ready to move forward, he will inject local anesthesia into the area. Dr. Admire will draw marks where the incision will be made, just under your nose. This incision point reduces any visible scarring. Dr. Admire will then gently remove a small section of skin, and lift the lip upward, carefully closing the incisions with sutures.

Benefits of a Lip Lift

This procedure releases the upper lip, making it look fuller and enhanced. The effect is extremely long-lasting and considered permanent.

  • Enhanced Lips and Smile
  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Very Long-lasting or Permanent Lip Enhancement
  • Eliminates the Need for Repeated Filler Treatments
  • Allows Your Teeth to Show When You Smile
  • Short Procedure Time
  • Short Recovery Time

How Long Will My Recovery Be After My Lip Lift?

After your procedure, expect your upper lip to be sore and swollen for the first few days. This is a usual part of healing after a lip lift in Scottsdale with us at AdmireMD® Plastic Surgery + Skin Clinic. Ensure your incision is kept clean and covered with antibacterial ointment for the first week.

Rest and recover for a few days, and avoid exercise or any type of heavy physical activity for about two weeks. Your scar will continue to heal over time.

Within a couple of months, you will see your beautiful outcome - full, symmetrical, shapely and enhanced lips.

Cost of a Lip Lift

$5,000 - 8,000

Dr. Admire has perfected the Deep Lip Lift that corrects age-related upper lip elongation, and thinning of the vermillion, or red part of the lip. With age, the upper lip fascia gets longer, just like the rest of the face, resulting in a heavy upper lip, change in smile, and lack of youthful upper teeth show or exposure. Dr. Admire uses proprietary Deep Plane techniques that restores the upper lip distance, creating a balance with the nose, and other facial features to create a more youthful appearance. This is a popular procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia, or combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures. 

Why Choose Dr. Admire for My Lip Lift?

Dr. Anthony Admire is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and works closely with his patients to achieve their ideal personal aesthetic. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and provides experience and expertise when it comes to realizing the results you desire from your lip lift in Scottsdale. Dr. Admire is dedicated to achieving beautiful, natural results for his patients and is known for his outstanding outcomes and standard of excellence. Contact us today for a consultation about a lip lift to attain your ideal smile.

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