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Blepharoplasty in Scottsdale

At AdmireMD® Plastic Surgery + Skin Clinic, we offer eyelid surgery – also known as blepharoplasty in Scottsdale. This procedure can refresh and rejuvenate the upper and lower eyelids by tightening muscles and tissue and removing excess fat and skin, for a fresh-faced, youthful glow.

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Eyelid Surgery at AdmireMD®

Blepharoplasty is now the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure after rhinoplasty, with its popularity reflective of the important role the eyes play, when it comes to contributing to an overall sense of facial symmetry and harmony. 

Believe it or not, nearly two-thirds of all adults consider the eyes to be the defining feature of the face. If you’ve been finding yourself unhappy with the look and feel of the skin above and below your eyes, you may want to consider blepharoplasty to improve your look and boost your confidence.

Eyelid surgery in Scottsdale is quite safe and involves relatively minimal downtime, and Anthony A. Admire brings a deep well of experience with him, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the results you were hoping for. Set up your consultation today!

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Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

During your consultation, Anthony A. Admire will work closely with you and get to know not only your personal goals and cosmetic aspirations, but your unique physical characteristics, as well. You’ll decide together whether or not eyelid surgery is right for you, and talk through exactly what to expect, when it comes to your results.

You’re likely to be a great candidate for blepharoplasty in Scottsdale if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not smoke
  • Don’t have any serious eye conditions
  • Have loose skin
  • Have sagging skin
  • Have puffy bags around your eyes
  • Look unnecessarily haggard or tired

More About the Blepharoplasty Procedure

Your eyelid surgery in Scottsdale will be performed under local anesthesia with sedation, but if you find yourself to be especially anxious, general anesthesia is always an option, as well. The surgery can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on whether you’re treating your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty involves an incision which is made along the natural crease of your eyelid, making it difficult to notice, once the healing process is complete. Once the incision is made, Anthony A. Admire will reposition fatty deposits, tighten muscles and tissue, or remove excess skin, to leave the eye looking more youthful and rejuvenated.

Lower eyelid surgery involves an incision just below the lash line, allowing for the removal of excess skin or fatty deposits. Once the procedure is complete, Anthony A. Admire will carefully close your incisions with sutures, before wrapping them in gauze, allowing the area to heal properly.

Are There Risks with Eyelid Surgery in Scottsdale?

As with just about any surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with this blepharoplasty. Although rare, these risks include bleeding, infection, dry eyes, skin discoloration, and an inability to fully close the eyes. Working with a highly-experienced surgeon like Anthony A. Admire is one of the best ways to minimize these risks. Another great way to avoid complications is by following proper care instructions after surgery, which we’ll discuss with you, along with any other concerns you may have, during your consultation, in order to be sure we’re taking care of any anxiety or worries about your surgery.

Improve Your Facial Harmony with Eyelid Surgery in Scottsdale

If you’re in the Scottsdale area, and you’ve been feeling frustrated by the presence of bulging deposits of extra fat or excess skin above or below your eyes, you might be a great candidate for blepharoplasty in Scottsdale at AdmireMD® Plastic Surgery + Skin Clinic. This procedure provides a number of both cosmetic and functional benefits, and we’re excited to learn how we can help you! Give us a call at 480.946.3155 to schedule your consultation with top plastic surgeon Anthony A. Admire today!

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

After your blepharoplasty procedure, you’ll rest in our recovery area for a short while, but you’ll be able to return home the same day. Anthony A. Admire might recommend applying lubricating ointment and using cold compresses to help the healing process and minimize uncomfortable side effects like swelling, bruising, irritation, or dry eyes. (We may wrap your eyes in gauze after the procedure, as well.)

You’ll likely be able to return to work within two or three days, but it’ll be important to avoid exercise and strenuous activities for at least two weeks while you continue to heal. 

Swelling and other side effects tend to subside within a couple weeks of your surgery, and we’ll be sure to provide you with specific aftercare instructions as you heal and recover.

Eyelid Surgery FAQ

What procedures can I combine with my eyelid surgery?

Procedures that are often done in conjunction with eyelid surgery include a facelift or neck lift, rhinoplasty, and a brow lift, with the brow lift being the most common since it treats the same eye region. More than one of these procedures can often be performed in the same surgical session.

How much does blepharoplasty cost?

Costs of blepharoplasty eyelid surgery will vary from patient to patient and from state to state. The cost will also including any added OR or facility fees, anesthesia, and medications. We can provide an exact cost of your procedure after a personal consultation.

How can I accelerate my recovery after eyelid surgery?

Recovery from eyelid surgery can be greatly shortened (and made more bearable), by following a few simple suggestions:

  • Cease smoking
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Follow all postoperative instructions
  • Relax and get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Avoid any direct sun exposure during your recovery period
  • Prepare for a comfortable recovery space in your household before your surgery

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