FaceliftWith advances in medicine, our life expectancies continue to rise. The problem is that our skin hasn’t experienced the same improvements. Over time, sun damage, stresses and environmental factors, even the continuing pull of gravity all conspire to loosen the skin and support tissues of our face, jaw, and neck. Creases develop from our nose down to the corners of our mouths and around the mouth and chin. The cheeks flatten and sag. The jawline loosens, fat accumulates, and we form jowls. Even the neck develops banding.

A facelift with Dr. Admire can turn the clock back on these typical signs of aging, taking 10-15 years off a person’s age. The procedure addresses the mid-face down through the jaw and upper neck. If a patient wants to expand their results, a facelift can be combined with a brow lift or eyelid surgery.

How do I know if a facelift would be right for me?

Very few people over the age of 45 wouldn’t benefit from a facelift with Dr. Admire. That’s particularly true in sunny Scottsdale where we’re outside so much. The degree of aging on your face and neck is a combination of genetics and a variety of other factors: how much time you’ve spent in the sun, environmental issues, personal habits, stresses, and the like. If you can relate to these characteristics on your face, a facelift with Dr. Admire could be a good option:

  • You have mid-face sagging
  • You have deep creases under your eyes
  • Your have deep nasolabial folds
  • Jowls have formed on your jawline
  • You have fatty, sagging areas just below your cheekbones
  • You have loose skin, wrinkles, vertical cords, and fatty tissue on your neck

Are there different types of facelifts with Dr. Admire?

Dr. Admire has the goal of creating a completely natural looking rejuvenation with his facelifts. But each patient has different areas and degrees of sagging, so Dr. Admire uses different techniques to fit the needs of the patient. Here are some general methods for these procedures, although Dr. Admire will customize each procedure.

Traditional facelift — This is the “full” facelift for rejuvenating the face, jowls, and neck. A full facelift involves lifting and repositioning the muscles and deeper tissues and removing certain attachments. Fat is sculpted (Dr. Admire avoids removing too much fat to avoid creating a “hollow” look). Excess skin is trimmed and then re-draped. The incisions with a traditional lift start at the temples, run downward in front of the ear, wrap around the earlobe, and terminate in the hairline of the lower scalp. If the patient has particular issues in the neck area, a second incision is made under the chin to lift, tighten, and trim excess skin on the upper neck.

Limited-incision facelift — The goals of this facelift aren’t as widespread, instead providing limited rejuvenation below the eyes and mouth, including nasolabial folds and other deep creases. Shorter incisions are made at the temples, around the ears, and if needed, in the lower eyelids and/or under the upper lip.

Mid-face lift — As the name implies, this lift focuses on the mid-face, lifting the cheeks and removing lines. Mid-face lifts can reduce puffiness under the eyes, correct nasolabial folds, and improve the cheeks. Incisions are small, usually in the lower eyelids or mouth.

Neck lift — While not technically a “facelift,” neck lifts are often combined with other lifts. The neck lift concentrates on jowls and fat under the chin. The incision is made around the earlobe and behind the ear to the lower scalp. An incision can also be made under the chin.

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