Admire Plastic SurgeryGravity and the stresses of life don’t go on vacation, even in Scottsdale. They don’t take a leave of absence. They keep on keepin’ on, working to make your skin droop and sag. While these effects show themselves all over your body, on your forehead they can be especially telling. And they can give other people the wrong impression.

Do you find that people ask you if you’re tired or angry, even when you slept like a baby and are whistling a happy tune? It may be time for a brow lift with Dr. Admire.

Since brow lifts target the upper third of the face, Dr. Admire often has patients combine this procedure with other surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to expand the scope of the rejuvenation.

Can you use a brow lift?

Sagging brows can be simply a fact of age, or due to your genes. Most of Dr. Admire’s brow lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 60 and feature lined or inelastic skin on their foreheads.

There is a simple test to see if a brow lift could help your sagging forehead skin and tissue. Stand in front of the mirror and place the palms of your hands to the sides of your eyes above the eyebrows. Now pull the skin back from the eyes. This raising of the forehead is what the brow lift will do.

Two techniques to a younger forehead

Dr. Admire performs these surgeries using the less invasive endoscopic method whenever possible, as this provides the same rejuvenation with far easier recovery. But this method can’t be used for all patients. During your consultation the two of you will decide if that method fits your needs.

Endoscopic brow lift — In this method, Dr. Admire makes from three to five short incisions, each less than one inch, behind the hairline. He then inserts an endoscope into one of the incisions. The endoscope enables him to see beneath the skin without making the long incision of the traditional method (see below). Through the other incisions he inserts specialized tools to lift the skin, remove tissue, and adjust muscles as needed.

Traditional brow lift — Before endoscopes, this was the only method of performing a brow lift. This method uses a coronal incision that stretches from just above the ear across the top of the forehead and down to the other ear. The incision is made within hairline, but may be placed further back to minimize visibility in patients with thinning hair. Next, the forehead skin is lifted, tissue removed, muscles adjusted, and the eyebrows may be lifted. Dr. Admire trims any excess skin and then closes the incision with stitches or clips.

With both methods, there will be numbness and discomfort at the incision sites. Numbness will give way to itching as the forehead heals. This usually passes within six months.

Want to lose that tired, angry countenance for 2020? Call Dr. Admire at (480) 946-3155 and set up a consultation for a brow lift.