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Over time, gravity, sun exposure, the stresses of daily life, and simple genetics can start to really take their toll on the appearance of the face and neck. Deep creases can begin to appear beside the mouth, while the jawline becomes less defined, with jowls forming and the neck becoming more full with the development of stretched vertical muscle bands and loose skin. Luckily, these common concerns can be addressed with Dr. Admire’s signature Perfect Plane™  Facelift and Necklift. It effectively reverses the signs of aging by repositioning or tightening muscles, removing or relocating fat, and trimming away excess skin to reveal a fresher, more youthful appearance.

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Anthony A. Admire MD, FACS

Dr. Admire is an award winning plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, recognized as one of the best in his field both locally and nationally. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder at AdmireMD® Plastic Surgery + Skin Clinic and has refined and improved the traditional Deep Plane Facelift Technique for patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas, as well as for out-of-town travelers. Dr. Admire has trademarked the Perfect Plane™ Facelift, by utilizing his own techniques for deep plane dissection to more effectively reposition the muscles and tissues of the face and neck, with a greater level of precision and reproducibility.


Dr. Anthony Admire MD, FACS

Dr. Anthony Admire is an Arizona native who completed his general surgery and plastic surgery residency in St. Louis before returning home to establish his private practice.


Dr. Anthony Admire MD, FACS

Dr. Admire has been named a “Top Doc” in PHOENIX magazine over 10 times as voted by his medical peers, including Top Vote Getter in over 3 of those years.

What is the Deep Plane Facelift?

Traditional facelifts usually only elevate and reposition the skin and the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS). The Deep Plane Facelift addresses the tissues deep to the SMAS that are the true causes of facial aging. A deep plane facelift addresses the deeper tissues that cause facial aging by repositioning, tightening, or releasing the underlying muscles, fat pads, and retaining ligaments than traditional facelifts do not address to achieve a more successful rejuvenation of the face.  Therefore, the deep plane facelift lasts longer than other types of facelifts, providing a youthful, natural rejuvenation for 15-20 plus years.

What is the Deep Plane Neck Lift? 

Traditional neck lifts usually only elevate, reposition, and tighten the superficial neck muscles called the platysma. The platysma muscles are an extension of the SMAS in the face.  The superficial fat layer is then usually removed directly or by liposuction.  The Deep Plane Neck Lift addresses the tissues deep to the SMAS that are the true causes of aging in the neck. These structures include the submandibular glands, deeper neck muscles, and deep fat layers. The Deep Plane Neck Lift removes all or part of these structures to dramatically sculpt and contour the neck in a way that traditional neck lifts can not achieve.  The Deep Plane Neck Lift lasts longer than other types of neck lifts, providing a youthful, natural rejuvenation lasting for 15-20 plus years.

Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift Benefits

A deep plane facelift & necklift is a very popular procedure because of the many benefits it provides for patients who would like to look multiple decades younger version of themselves and achieve a long-lasting rejuvenation:

  • Can achieve lower eyelid rejuvenation
  • Restores continuity between the lower eyelids and cheeks
  • Restores the mid-face cheek volume and definition
  • Minimizes or eliminates the nasolabial folds, jowls, marionette lines
  • Achieves a more youthful appearance around the mouth
  • Results in less tension in the skin closure, thereby improving healing and scarring
  • Results in tighter, smoother skin
  • Achieves a tighter, more sculpted jawline
  • Removes the neck muscle bands
  • Removes the neck laxity and looseness
  • Achieves a firm, tight, smooth neck from the jawline to the clavicles
  • Achieves a natural, 15-20 years younger appearance 

I love restoring youthfulness to the face in a very natural way, allowing my patients to feel great about the way they look, without having to worry about appearing overdone.

Anthony A. Admire

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Customizing Your Procedure

An important part of the facelift and necklift procedures involves ensuring that it is tailored to the unique physical characteristics of each patient and their individual goals and cosmetic aspirations. His commitment to the latest technologies and methods allows Anthony A. Admire to customize the Perfect Plane™ facelift in Scottsdale, depending on the patient’s needs and areas of aging.

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The Perfect Plane Facelift is a greatly-refined and entirely unique version of the Deep Plane Facelift that restores the face to a much more youthful appearance, resulting in patients looking refreshed and rejuvenated, and finally feeling that their outward appearance mirrors their inner youthfulness and vibrance.

It improves all of the most common signs of aging, including the following:

  • Separation of the lower eyelid and cheek, with the lower eyelid getting longer.
  • Flatness or loss of volume of the cheeks due to soft tissue descent.
  • More prominent nasolabial folds due to cheek descent, inferior and medial.
  • Jowling, causing blunting or loss of contour of the jawline.
  • Deep marionette lines.
  • Laxity or stretching of the neck’s platysma muscles, causing loose bands of muscle and skin.
  • Loss of sharp definition of the chin, neck, and jawline.
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