Mini facelift | Admire Plastic surgery | Scottsdale, AZAt our beautiful Scottsdale offices, the mini facelift is one of Dr. Admire’s more popular procedures. As an alternative to a full facelift, which requires a fairly involved recovery process, a mini facelift is less invasive and has an easier, quicker recovery. The surgical skill of Dr. Admire makes a mini facelift a great option for patients who don’t need the wholesale revisions of a full traditional facelift.

Here’s a little more about the mini facelift to help you see if this could be right for you.

What are the pluses and minuses of a mini facelift?

The goal of a mini facelift is to tighten and lift the cheek and jawline skin, and to reduce the skin “overhang” at the nasolabial fold.

A mini facelift is also a good procedure if you’ve already had a full facelift and your deeper tissues have been re-positioned. The mini facelift can simply give you a little skin tightening to refresh your appearance and maintain the results of your earlier procedure.

Because a mini facelift is just that, mini, it is a less involved surgical procedure. The incisions are shorter, and the corresponding swelling and bruising that are part of facelift surgery are much less extensive than in a full facelift. Also, the procedure provides subtle results in contrast to the more noticeable changes in a full facelift. Because of this, friends and co-workers may not even realize you’ve had surgery.

But mini facelifts do have their limitations. You need to know that they primarily target the mid-face area, so you must consider where your aging issues are. If your primary concern is neck laxity and a loss of definition along your jawline, a mini facelift isn’t the right procedure. In a mini facelift, any neck tightening is only a side effect of the cheek enhancement. Mini facelifts do not address the neck area directly. In these cases, a full facelift with a direct tightening of the neck tissues would be a better approach.

Also, you can’t really keep repeating a mini facelift to avoid the need for a full facelift. This is because the deep tissue re-positioning with a full facelift will be necessary at some point. In fact, this can create the appearance of an unnatural pulling across the mouth or bunching of the skin behind the ears.

Finally, if you have deep tissue sagging, but opt to have a mini facelift the deep tissue sagging will likely put too much strain of the skin and your results will be short-lived. Again, in this case, a full facelift is the preferred solution.

If you’re looking for lifting across your cheeks and jawline, a mini facelift with Dr. Admire could be a great procedure. Call us at (480) 946-3155 to schedule a consultation to see if a mini facelift would work for your situation.